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Diesel Injector Repair in Rancho Cordova

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Repair Diesel Fuel Injector Rancho Cordova

Over time, diesel engines suffer from wear and tear during normal use. The fuel injectors can become clogged by contaminents in fuel. Protect your engine’s fuel injection system from costly damage and get even better performance and fuel economy!

You depend on your truck to run efficiently. Regular service on your diesel fuel injection system is the key on great performance and engine longevity. When diesel injectors start to fail, they deliver less fuel, which translates to fewer miles-per-gallon and maybe rough running. The injectors could be clogged or they might be degraded due to age. Eventually, it's time to clean or completely replace one or more injectors.

Indicators of a clogged injector include: reduced engine power, poor fuel economy and/or difficulty when starting your vehicle. Try this simple test: One - turn on your engine, place the end of a long screwdriver or metal rod against an injector, and then put your ear to the other end of the tool. If you hear clicking traveling up through the rod, then the injector is working. Two - use an ohmmeter or test light that will enable you to touch each injector to confirm that it is getting electrical current. Three - do a basic temperature check. Start the cold motor and then flick a few drops of water on each cylinder to see if it burns off. A cold cylinder should be easy to spot as the functioning cylinders heat up.

If a fuel injector is clogged, there are options. You could try to clean your injectors with a diesel fuel injector cleaner, but if the injectors are badly clogged, this might not do the job completely. Cleaners are better at preventing clogs than for clearing out established blockages. If that doesn't work, another option is to pull the injector, take it apart, and clean it by hand. This is a job best done in a shop by experienced professionals. If parts get damaged or aren't put back together correctly, the injector will not function. Often the best option is just to replace the injector.

We are your affordable Rancho Cordova dealer alternative, for injector service or even a complete diesel engine overhaul.