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Shocks And Strut Replace in Rancho Cordova

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Shocks And Strut Replacement in Rancho Cordova

Is your car or truck riding rough even on smooth pavement? Does the nose dive downward on hard stops?

Your wheels are your only direct connection to the highway and your shock absorbers and/or struts are the link between the vehicle and the wheels. Nobody thinks about them until they start to go bad but they are incredibly important!

Shock absorbers are designed to reduce the impact of driving over rough surfaces and improve ride-quality and have a big influence on the way the car or truck handles. The core function of shock absorbers is to dampen spring oscillations (movement up or down). Shocks use oil or gasses to absorb excess energy from the springs. Spring settings are chosen by the manufacturer based on the weight of the vehicle, both loaded and unloaded.

In a car or truck chassis, struts can be "passive braces" that serve to reinforce the chassis and/or body, or "active components" of the suspension system. One example of an "active" unit is a coilover design in a vehicle's suspension. The coilover combines a shock absorber and a spring into a single unit.

As part of a vehicle chassis, struts can be "passive" braces to reinforce the chassis and/or body, or "active" components of the suspension (like a coilover design). The most common form of strut in an automobile is the MacPherson strut. A MacPherson strut combines the dampening function of a shock absorber with the ability to support sideways movement.

To check if your struts are going bad, walk to each side of the vehicle and try to bounce it up and down by pushing on the fender. Let it bounce back into position. If it continues to bounce up and down, bring your car or truck to us. Broken shocks will give you a rough ride, but bad struts could lead to very serious problems including a wheel breaking off, a blown tire, damaged power steering, broken springs, broken joints, and many more problems.

Call us or just drop in to our shop. We'll have you back on the road as fast as possible!